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SWISSTEC Sourcing currently has 48 employees and warehouse people for packaging solutions with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

Our specialized staff has built a network of personal relationships and individual local knowledge.

Custom Packaging

Optimal solutions through long-standing contacts

All the products manufactured in China, Taiwan and Vietnam come from our selected suppliers enabling you to capitalize on our excellent relationship. We ensure reliability, quality and flexibility through our long-standing cooperation with these partners.


Planning And Logistics

Just-in-time and on demand delivery

We offer absolute flexibility in planning: Release your orders when you need them and we deliver on the date required with the shortest possible lead times. We help you to reduce your buffer stock in Europe.


Strategic Planning

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Support in communication and marketing

Thanks to our cooperation with leading retailer chains, we can assist in the planning and implementation of communication and marketing programs. Whether you have your own brand or use our quality name PXtools, we will develop suitable packaging in the local languages and deliver creative ideas for point of sales.


Export Consolidation

Industrial fasteners and related categories constitute hundreds of related product standards, and literally hundreds of thousands of individual part numbers. Add in custom requirements for dimensions, mechanical properties and surface coatings, and the number of product possibilities is almost endless. Not surprisingly, no single manufacturing organization is able to internally produce even a large subset of fastener standards.


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